Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Just a quickie....

to report this weeks weight loss at Jenny Craig...a whopping 1.2kgs! (2lb 10ozs) I can't tell you how pleased I was with that I can tell you. The key is exercise, should have done this years ago!

We did have a Suesday today, Sue was feeling a bit crook so we kept it brief today, I did manage to find a few  beauties, I'll share them tomorrow, I'm tired and the internet is packing a sad!

See ya tomorrow...

Oh...saw this on Facebook, had to share! 




  1. Hahaha Cute. Sorry to hear Sues is feeling poorly. Hard to cause trouble that way...hope she's feeling better soon

  2. Well done, you are doing well! That cartoon's hilarious, ta for sharing. x

  3. I promise to be on form and well for next weeks big day out. We are getting our hair cut!!!!! I should warn my gorgeous hairdresser in advance. niff, cough and splutter.

  4. Good on ya Sue! I'm busy doing the same thing, so take inspiration from your efforts :o)

    Get well soon Sue 2!


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