Sunday, July 15, 2012

Here's hoping............

...the internet or perhaps it should be renamed the OUTernet, will stay online long enough for me to get a post done!

So very quickly here's a photographic sum up of the last two Suesdays finds
Last week...some needlecrafts.. (Save Mart)

 embroidered apron and 2 squares of lovely fabric, 
probably napkins but are destined to be cushion covers

Also a brand new pair of white trousers....

And this gorgeous hand embroidered cardigan ........

This weeks spoils from the Sallies at Grandview.....

From the SPCA in Dinsdale...

...rather lovely handmade napkin holders in clay....

cruet set....

and another....

Here we are before we set out, we've even started to be colour co-ordinated, 
great minds think alike so they say........

In between the op shopping we both had a hair appointment..
....before hair do ....

...even the hairdresser was colour co-ordinated!

and the after shot!

We even became honorary members of the Mickey Mouse club!!

If you want to see what else we got up to go over and have a look at Sue's blog here

Other things happening this week were....

New book shelves for the lounge


And a rather lovely piece of artwork, still waiting to be properly hung up by Joe.

I'm hoping that I'll get back online again before we head off to Rarotonga this coming Saturday.
If not then I'll see you when we get back.

PS: Nearly forgot, weight loss this week at Jenny Craig was 500gms, total loss then is 4.9kgs! Just 100gms to be lost this week and then I'll have achieved my mini goal of 5kgs loss before the holiday.
Until  next time ya'all ♥


  1. Could see there has been a weight loss . . even if I didn't already know it!! Can see if in your face. Love the haircuts, too.

  2. The book shelves look great and you were so right, the art work is gorgeous!!!! Oh and a caravan would look super on one of the shelves, I shall ear mark a second for you with bunting of course!!

  3. Gorgeous artwork and fab book shelves, something our house is in dire need of! Love your's and Sue's new do's! x

  4. The cardie is wonderful and a gem of a find... love the napkin ring holders. Great haircuts too! x

  5. Keep up with the great work on the weight loss,Sue :)
    You always are able to find pretty items! Love the hair cut!


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