Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ops shopping fest!

O...M...G!! I dunno what happened today but it was veritable feast of op shoppedness, I'm not even going to begin telling you what I must of spent because even I don't want to know. I don't think it was too bad really for the op shopped stuff, but I ended up in Farmers department store and found a new top and I was only in there to get some new make-up! 

So without further ado here are the photos, in no particular order and ..well you'll see as we go!

The bounty!

Best find of the day, well done Sue! Telescopic Camera tripod ($15) in it's own case....

Great for showing off what I wore today......

and modelling the new top bought in Farmers, new and reduced to $15...

.and this in a pre-loved shop

from the same place I found this gorgeous bag!

..and this too from the Sallies in town....

....posing with a jacket from Save Mart....
there'll be no stopping me with that tripod now!

other finds as follows......

Some pretty lace....

....I found a plethora of needle worked doilies and tablecloths plus ribbons, wool and buttons

....... lovely fabrics and threads.......

this is a hoot! Very apt bearing in mind that in three sleeps time I'll be a beach bum in Rarotonga!

......cocktail stirrers, I managed to drop them on the floor and broke the one on the end, 
I'm sure it can be fixed!

...I  had to have this cute Toadstool cruet set complete with toads for $1!

...a pile of zips and magazine...

.....and another embroidered tablecloth! There were so many lovely ones today it was hard to choose and as I hate dilemmas I got 'em all! Problem solved!

It took me an age to photograph it all! There's an awful lot this week I know! But hey! I'm on holiday for 10 days on Saturday so I'll miss a week!

And lastly before I take my leave, as I doubt I'll get online again until we get back!

Weight loss this week another 700gms
Which brings the total loss to 5.6kgs
Happy to say I reached my mini goal of 5kg before the holiday! 
Another 800gms to go and then I can wave goodbye to my first stone(in old money!)

So whilst I'm gone, behave....pfrrt you ain't gonna do that are ya!
Nope! Neither am I!

See ya'll soon...the Cook Islands await...



  1. Super duper, your last post before you venture off to the Islands and swan around in the nud on the beach to get your all over tan and drink cocktails and stuff. Thanks for another fun day out!!

  2. You are looking fantastic, you look even prettier than usual! those clothes are gorgeous and I'm loving the craft scores especially the peacock embroidered thingy! x

  3. Some great finds! The hand painted bag is super and your dog posing on the picture with you:priceless.


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