Saturday, August 04, 2012

2012 far!

I finally remembered to take some photos of the new lambs, born one week ago today whilst we were in Rarotonga. All seem to be doing well although I'm having to bottle feed one of them, a ram's never a ewe lamb!  

 Two ewes still to lamb, the dark one is definately pregnant, not so sure about the other one.
If you remember we bought these girls back in April, I blogged about them here
 Mum stomps her feet at me every time I get close, I told her today that if she wasn't such a lazy bitch and fed all of her babies then I wouldn't have to get close at all!

 I was being stalked by these two, either I was blocking their way into the shelter or they were hoping for a second meal!
 The one I'm feeding is on the left so a bit smaller than the other two. She had two rams and one ewe.


  1. Oh Sue, they are absolutely gorgeous. I really envy you being able to raise and then kill your own meat. I wish you were in Aust and we could chat about us buying a cow & some lambs and then paying you to grow them on your land so we can do what you are doing.

    Anyway, they are very cute and love your blog as usual xxx

    Take care

  2. Hi Rachael, if we had more land then that would have been a great set up and would happily have done it :D And yes have to admit they are rather cute, but sheep aren't my fav animal, Daft creatures really :D

  3. I want one for the back yard!! Far too cute. Aunty has to make it out this week to bottle feed and bond!!

  4. Cute! Feeding would be a pain, what every 4 hours or so?

  5. I love your sheep and lambs! I'm not a country girl at all, I'd be having them in the house and treating them like kittens! x


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