Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A gift from Michael......or is it?

I'm making the most of my internet connection whilst it lasts, so apologies if this post seems brief. Quite honestly the internet has been so bad I could weep with frustration!

Suesday started earlier than usual and with a gift from Michael! When I arrived at Sues she told me Michael had left me a present and with a lovely note! 
You be the judge!


The idea of getting in early was so that we could squeeze in  couple of op shops before my weigh in at Jenny Craig, we went to Habitat for Humanity first..
Top and necklace $5 each

Next call was the Sallies in the City centre
Got this little lot for $9 all up

Had my weigh in at Jenny Craig and had managed to get 2.2kgs off the 2.7kgs put on during the holiday, so back on track and pleased with that.

After lunch we went to the Sallies in Grandview and I found a few crafty bits and pieces, including an complete set for making a quilted/embroidered dragonfly cushion worth $35 and bought by me for $5, plus the bags for $2 each.

See you next time, I'm outta here before the connection packs a sad again!



  1. the pink bobbles are mine!!! The doilies look good in a pile, must a make a special pillow for my mother!

  2. You've got to love your boy's cheek!
    That pink top and beads combo is gorgeous and well done with the weightloss! x

  3. haha . . . and don't mummys just do anything for their boys!?!?! Great loss, too!

  4. Ahh, I see Michael is a typical teen. Just like my daughter :-) Love it xxx


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