Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Suesday and more babies!

Hi folks, sorry for my absence of late but I've still been having computer issues, on the days that it is fine I'm too busy to blog! Apologies to those bloggers I usually visit, sorry I've not commented lately but I promise to get onto it next week.
What a week this was....
I've been bottle feeding the little ram lamb and he's had a couple of up and down days but I've jabbed him with some anti-biotics and they have made a difference. At the moment he's at his Auntie Dawns, he went off yesterday with his weekend bag of a feeding bottle, bag of milk powder and his woolover jacket, in case he gets cold! I got told off by Sue for not taking a photo as he went off in Dawns car, with her sons cats meowing in its cage and the dog licking him to death in the boot! She's cat and dog sitting whilst her son is away! She'll have her hands full that's for sure as she's got one of her own lambs in the house and being bottle fed too! The things we do!
This morning I went to check on one of other ewes who's been on the point of bursting for days. I waddled up in me PJs, as ya do, and Lo we have another set of triplets! What are the bluddy odds on that! She seems happy with all 3 so far, not like the other baggage who refused to feed one of her 3.
I'm hoping by the time I've got to the end of this blog post Sue will have emailed me a couple of photos she took today. She followed me back after out Suesday jaunt. I'm leaving the new mum be as they are all rather skittish and I really don't want another lamb to feed. 

Right now to today's scores...

Habitat for Humanity
Book & crosstitch cat $3 each
Watering can !$

Red Cross, Frankton
Pattern 50c, necklace $9

Vinnies, Frankton
Total spend $7

Save Mart Frankton
Book $2.99
 Pattern 50c
 Tops from $4.99 to $6.99 each 

I'm hoping I'll get back on track with the blogging next week, we're away this weekend, we're off to Sydney in Australia for my cousins wedding, so we're really looking forward to that. 
I will take heaps of photos and will share when I get back, internet allowing!

Check out Sue's blog sometime she's got some photos of our animals there and will no doubt be posting some of those she took today. No photos yet, I'll come back and add some later. I would go take some of my own but I don't want to disturb mum too much in case she gets stroppy.

Weigh in at Jenny Craig today
Lost 1.7kgs
Total loss so far 7kgs
So I've tipped over my first stone (6.4kgs)

Back later for photos, if not I'll see ya'all next week!
Toodle pip old beans!

**Oh PS I forgot to post a photo of what I wore last Suesday so here it is..
Flower blouse, back overtop, red cardi, bag - opshopped
Leggings & boots bought new.

(No photo today, when we got home I got changed into my farm gear!)

Ta ra chucks!♥♥♥


  1. Emailed you some photos so go forth and add!!! I want the black lamb, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, ooooooo!! as ABBA once said!

  2. Loved looking at your lambs over at Sues. Hope the ram lamb has a good time at his Aunty Dawn's! Loving the watering can and the sparkly necklace and all your tops! well done on keeping up with the weight loss, too! x


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