Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fabric fest!

I'm making patchwork curtains for my dressing room, I have a cutting board in centimetres and a ruler in inches and never the twain should meet! Me poor brain was getting kerfuddled at trying to convert. For measuring fabric I prefer to use inches so there was nothing for it but to head to Spotlight and get a new cutting board in inches. 
Spotlight is across the road from Sue and it would have been rude to be that close and not call in....and maybe go have just a wee look in Habitat...and maybe just a quick look in the Salvation Army shop as it was right next door to Spotlight!

In Habitat for Humanity I found a basketful of fabric

Isn't she lovely?


...for Clyde and Max

We looked in the Sallies but nothing took my fancy so off to Spotlight we skipped!

Lots of lovely fabrics were on sale on on special and well....ya just gotta take advantage

A selection of cotton drill, just gorgeous!

Some upholstery fabric Sue had found and I got half a meter plus some cotton fabric for $2 a meter!

Until next time ♥


  1. you may need to move your craft room to the ground floor, hate the one upstairs to give way to all the weight of all that fabric and stuff!!

  2. Fab! I rarely find fabric in chazzas here. That lady is gorgeous. x

  3. Woot, what an awesome score! I like them all but the last photo has some really cute prints!


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