Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time for some weed.....! And not the kind of 'weed' I bet some of you were thinking either! Nor is it Little Weed!

 It's another kind of weed.....lots of them! In the veggie garden, which was sadly neglected last season because at the time we were hoping to sell and move on. But now we're staying put Operation Hoe has commenced! Joe was up and at it at 7am, which was really 6am 'cos the clocks went forward an hour last night. I was still in me pit and was rather happy about laying in bed until 8am! 

I only took two photos of what had to be cleared, the rest of the garden looked the same 
and two were more than enough! 
After I'd had my breakfast and fed Guzzler (the lamb formerly known as Ram-a-lamb-a-ding-dong) I went out to help Joe. The sun actually showed it's face today which was great, I was in shorts and a singlet(vest) and slathered in sunblock. It felt so good to feel warm for a change.

The before photo...
and what Joe had done on his own before I surfaced. The beds were built a few years ago and made of untreated wood, they have started to fall apart and so need to be replaced, they did us well for that time especially as all the wood used cost just $20 for a huge pallet of wood from a reclaim yard!
The two mounds of dirt are where two beds were. Joe thinks he would like to put a little seating area here as it will be protected by the hedge from the wind.

Another photo showing the task ahead...

The real problem with the paths is that Joe insisted we put down pea shingle/gravel, I hate the stuff. I was a Royal Mail postie for a while years back, and had a close encounter with a gravel drive once!  I was speeding along on me trusty post office bike with a bloody great bag of mail on the front when as I turned into grand entrance of a posh house. Now unlike all the other posh house with tarmac or concrete drive, these buggers had a gravel drive! Riding a push bike full pelt into a 6in deep drive of gravel is very much like (I can only surmise at this) being fired out of a cannon! My bike stopped instantly....I didn't...and neither did the 35lb bag of mail!
 It was messy I can tell ya and the air was about as blue as the sky in the next photo!
Anyway back to the path...the weeds just love growing in it and so it is going and will be replaced by mulch. We already have a big heap up by the barn (red building to the left of Joe)

Now doesn't that look better?
Looking back down the garden, my strawberry tower (left) is look rather sad and will be re sited and adapted slightly. A lot of strawberry plants are growing quite happily in the path (out of shot) so they need to be replanted. I hope to get that done in the next couple of days. 

 Exciting things are happening here tomorrow! A man wiv his BIG digger is coming to clear our gorse which is out of control.He'll also clear out our drains so that some of our problem paddocks aren't such a bog next winter! Keep your fingers crossed for dry weather and that Digger Man doesn't go missing in the gorse. I'll be back tomorrow with photos and updates.

Until next time, ta ra chucks ♥


  1. Oi where's the one of you in your shorts and singlet then???? Hope you have fun getting your pipes unblocked!! Have you made the curtains for your new "Girls only" room??

  2. Bloody hell, you really do live the good life - apart from all that manual labour! That lovely red barn looks like a good spot for me when I come to stay! I'll just cuddle with Ram-a-lamb-a-ding-dong and eat strawberries!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Looks great! Nothing like weeding in and out of the house :)

  4. Looks good! Smart girl letting him start before you! LOL! I KNEW there were gardening tips I could learn from you!

  5. God, that looks like a right rural idyll! I do love a gravel drive but your postie experience does sound like the perfect excuse for hating it! x


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