Saturday, September 01, 2012

In search of my blogging Mojo Baby!

Oh dear I dunno where my blogging Mojo has gorn but it's been AWOL for a while now, apologies about that. I think it's because we had that great holiday in Rarotonga and then a long weekend in Sydney, Oz and for all that time I had decided they would be internet free time. 
To be honest I didn't miss it at all.
I have attempted to write a post or two but then the internet played up and I have little patience for it when it does that and I went and did something else.
Spring seems to have arrived here, lambs are skipping around in the paddocks, daffodils are dancing in the breeze and blossom has burst into life on the trees. It's looking rather lovely, especially as the sun has been shining, although it's felt cold these past two days.
The last time I posted was to tell about the latest lambs, triplets, that were born the day before we went to Sydney. Sadly two died whilst we were away despite Michael's valiant efforts to save them, these things happen unfortunately. The third triplet is doing fine however.

RIP little ones.

The wedding was fantastic and so was Sydney, I'll be back to blog about that another day.
This week I started spring cleaning and you have no idea how much I'm enjoying that! 
The last two Wednesdays have been Suesday as usual and I realised that after my mammoth haul last week I had put everything away before I'd photographed them, but I'm sure they will crop up in later posts. This week I've been better organised and I can show you my finds now..

At the Salvation Army Store in town, I got this crocheted shawl for $6

Save Mart in Frankton turned up this rather lovely dress for $7.99
I need to shorten the shoulder straps and take in the side seams under the arms as it's rather large,but looks great on.

In Habitat for Humanity I got this brand new desk set for $8

 and this selection of buttons for $5

Wednesday of course in Jenny Craig weigh in day. I had put on 1.1kgs during the weekend in Sydney but am pleased to report that this week I had lost 1.3kgs so I was pretty rapt about that.
Total weight loss so far 7.2kgs
Last week I was measured again, another 16cms have disappeared!!
A massive 11cms off my abdomen!
So back on track there and no challenges for a while, except in October when we spend a night in Auckland for our anniversary, we're going to see Mary Poppins! I know!! Love it!

Not much else to share right now, so I'll be off and I'll come back tomorrow with photos of Sydney


PS I promise to get around to all of your blogs very soon, I'm not ignoring you honest! ♥


  1. Hello Sue! I love your blog and everything you write about. I've loved your craft, the animals, cooking, house renovation, op shops and giggly funny bits. We all lose the mo-jo every now and then but we still love to read what you write xx Love Froogs xx

  2. O,gawd,we all have that problem from time to time!A break is always good...especially when it involves traipsing around other countries!
    Bring on the Sydney pix!
    LOVE that shawl!!!

  3. You know that I have gone through that "blank" phase as well! It happens to all of us. I love reading your blog,even though I don't always post :)


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