Sunday, September 02, 2012

For the love of books....

Firstly thank you for the lovely comments after yesterdays post, it never ceases to amaze me that people like to read about my life and the things I get up to, so for that I am grateful.
Now I did promise you photos of Sydney and the wedding buuuuut I had a little outing today, a little bird (Sue) told of a book fayre being held at Te Rapa's racecourse. As Joe was sleeping after night shift I jumped in the car, called for Sue to come out and play and we headed on over, it's only a couple of mins from her place.
I've always loved books, I love the look of them, the feel of them. My mum will tell you of the ability I have to lose myself in one. Many a time mum threw missiles at me to break me out of my reverie so I could come eat dinner. I was always lost and never heard a thing outside of what was going on in the book. I can't understand the desire for those Kindle (?) things, it's not the same as a book, it could never be, I'll stick to the real thing I reckon.
I'm not sure how long we were at this fayre but it was a quite a while. There were two areas, one hall with books at $3 each, there were collectables etc for slightly more, and in another hall books for $1 and magazines (8 for $5) while we were in there they slashed all the prices by half! There were hundreds of books..

The following were all $3 each, I dream one day of holidaying in and experiencing Tuscany...

A heap of Classics......

More assorted reading...

...and this lot was from the $1 hall and the whole lot cost just $7 because they halved the prices!

That lot should keep me out of trubble....

...I know, it'll take  more than a stash of books to do that! haha!

See you tomorrow ♥

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  1. Great haul Sue. Glad you had a great time in Sydney. xxx


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