Monday, September 03, 2012

Sydney - Part 1

I'll do the Sydney trip in stages I think, 3 parts I reckon otherwise there will be too many photos to look at. What I'll do is just make a selection of my fav pics and then give you a link to the rest on Faceache...oops I mean Facebook!! :-D
(I'll blame talking on the phone to my longtime mate in the UK last night for that. Hope you're having a great 50th Diane, loved talking to you, look forward to seeing you and the clan next year! I'm hoping her daughters will pass that on as they are on Faceache, Diane doesn't own a computer!) ♥♥

We flew out of Auckland on Thursday the 16th August, gosh it already seems like and age ago!

A sunny day at Auckland airport

There was much excitement as the All Blacks (NZ rugby team) were flying out to Sydney too, playing for the Bledisloe (?) Cup, well I don't know, I only watch it for the thighs! They were mobbed as they walked through, people asking for autographs and photos with their favourite players, and they were gracious in every way, always smiling and happy to oblige, so good on you guys for that.

I didn't get too many photos as Joe was reluctant to let me get the camera out of the bag but he relented in the end and I got these...

Sonny Bill Williams

Stalking Liam Messam

See I knew he'd want  photo! With Liam Messum...

As we were waiting to board our plane, these guys were sitting amongst us, which was a bit odd as their plane to Sydney was at the next gate and had already boarded and they were putting final calls out! I think eventually the penny dropped and they jumped up and ran! 
Too many knocks to the head maybe!

L to R Israel Dagg, Cory Jane & SBW

I was a bit disappointed I didn't see Daniel Carter cos I would have sat on him until I was arrested!

After a 3 1/2 hour flight we landed in Sydney and got a cab to our hotel and met up with Keith, Lisa and her stepdad Steve for a meal in the hotel restaurant. I didn't take any photos we were too bus catching up. Tomorrow I'll be back with photos of Sydney Harbour.

Not sure what I'm up to today, it's bucketing down out there and isn't very Spring like at all.

Ta ra chucks ♥


  1. I have absolutely no idea who these boys are but hello, what a spunk that lovely big smiley chap is!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Some mighty good looking rugby players in NZ!!

  3. Dah, rugby lads. All braun and not much brain. I have never ever been out of Godzone. I travel via books or the TV. If I had the $$$s I would head to Europe, South America and then back home.

  4. I know nuffin' about rugby but that dark haired dude has a smile that makes my toes curl! x


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