Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Is there such a thing as.......

...op shoppers anonymous!?? Well is there? Cos I might need to fact nah, who cares, I love our Suesdays especially when I have days like today. I'm not even going to attempt working out what I spent today because it's probably a little too scary....
Finds today in no particular order as follows.........


Linen & arts & crafts

Sue had spotted this yesterday and had hidden it for today but as we approached someone was looking at it, we stood with bated breath waiting to see if she was going to put it back! Luckily she did as I was planning to rugby tackle her for it as she passed! I have thing for dragonflies and this is rather lovely fabric. We thought it might do as a sewing machine cover but it was far too small. 

It is in fact an unfinished bag!

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and remembered some very cool handles on a grotty bag I picked up recently, I cut them off and they fitted perfectly. 
I just need to stitch them in place and I have a rather cool bag!

 More bags, cos a girl can never have enough!
Says her who used to shove car keys and cash in her bra!

Other stuff
these mirrors were $5 each!

lamp $20 and the jury is still out on the shade, but the base is gorgeous!

I may have to hook up the trailer for Suesday if I carry on like this! Good job we got a big house!

I haven't forgotten about Sydney Part 2, the weather is playing havoc with the internet and I couldn't even get online last night, so it is coming.....sooon! 

Jenny Craig 
Just a 300gm loss this week but it's a loss! :D

See ya'all tomorrow! ♥

PS... Very funny moment today, as we were heading for my JC weigh in, Sue very kindly stopped to allow a police van to pull across the road in front of us, the driver smiled at us waved a thank you and promptly stalled the van!! Me Sue just about peed ourselves, his policeman passenger hid his face cringing. The driver tried again and moved about an inch and stalled it again! Well you can imagine Sue and I were apoplectic by now and as he finally started the van and pulled across the road we noticed another cop in the back just about falling off his chair laughing! It had to be the highlight of the day and we knew for a fact that he was going to get some serious stick when he got back to the station that day! Poor bugger!  :D



  1. My name is MrsL and I'm a founder member lol

    Great haul there, well done :)


  2. Problem what problem! You always find such wonderful items. Those garments look great. Such a fun way to try different styles without the high price tag. That lamp is stunning. I love the design

  3. 300g is a whole pat of butter!! Good job :)

    Am in agreement about the light shade, love the base though!!


  4. We clapped and laughed and gave the coppers the thumbs up too!!! Yes, yesterday was the most excellent day out, I can not compete with you in the spending department but I shall always be a good scout for you and spot things for you to buy!! ♥

  5. You always seem to come across some great finds!

  6. I am so jealous of your finds, nothing like that around here!!



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