Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sydney Part 2 - Friday 17th August

On the Friday and after a hearty breakfast we went walking......

..over the Harbour bridge

Clinging on for dear life, I don't like heights!

to the Opera house..

Right next door are the Royal Botanic gardens, we took the train around..

dunno who she is...gerrout of me photo!



Mrs MacQuaries Chair

The Rocks

Leaving the Quay

 taking the ferry.....

to Darling Harbour..

After a day of walking decided to eat at the Hard rock Cafe


Jumbo Combo

 Grilled tasmanian salmon & Famous fajitas


More photos here

That evening we went back to the Opera house and saw the
Spaghetti Western Orchestra which was just brilliant!!

Next time will be the reason we were in Sydney in the first place, Keith and Lisas wedding day.

See ya soon


  1. Well done old girl!! The photos are great, can't wait for you to share the wedding ones and be sure to share the story about being someones mother!!

  2. I have never been "Down Under" but Sydney,from what I have seen in from photos,shows (and blogs!)looks very pretty. Enjoy the wedding!

  3. Hah @ Sue, don't worry I just gotta! :D
    Donna we've already been luv, was back in August :D I'm just slow posting :D

  4. I have never been to Sydney (an Aussie that's never been to Sydney lol). My middle daughter moved there earlier this year so maybe one day soon. Hope the weather is as nice as what you had...

    I have been to all the other capitals in Australia though.



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