Sunday, September 09, 2012

Weekly round up....

I thought I might try this each Sunday, a round up of the weeks events. My thinking is that if I don't get online much during the week then I can at least share what happened in brief. I can't guarantee it will happen every week, this is me after all and I'm likely to forget what day of the week it is...just ask Sue, she'll tell ya what I'm like! So what happened this week, well to be honest I can remember as far back as Wednesday or Suesday as it is now known, beyond that it's a bit of a blur.
I do know that we've made a few phone calls back to blighty this past week, it seems that almost everyone I know has a birthday in the first week of September, my mate Diane on the 2nd, mum on the 3rd, BIL on the 4th and dad on the 7th. I don't send cards for anything, I'd rather phone someone and talk to them.

I also know that we've had some weather, not just any old weather but weather that blows yer bloomers off the line to Kingdom Come! Driving rain that hits the windows at the back of the house and make you worry that they are falling in!
NZ has been hit by some foul weather this week but still it's nothing like they've been suffering in the US, that makes what we're having look like a gentle breeze.
The weather even in all it's horribleness can produce beauty...

and there is blossom on the trees..

When the sun does shine there is some real heat that warms your face. As I was drawing the curtains this evening I noticed a huge flash of lightening, I love a good storm but I do feel bad for the animals that have to stay outside in it, there is plenty of cover and shelter from the elements for most of the animals so they will be okay. As I write I can hear thunder rumbling around.
The lambs are growing well and Ram-a-lamb-a-ding-dong (now called Guzzler) is thriving, he can bellow quite loudly when he's hungry, I'll get some photos tomorrow, weather permitting.

Other things happening on the home front include some redecorating. It's been two years since we last picked up a paintbrush, we certainly needed a long rest after all the renovations we did upstairs. We've decided to redecorate our bedroom, in time all of the downstairs will be done but for now it's just our room, we have a deck to replace once the weather improves.
Our room looked like this...not the best of photos, and old ones too, they don't really show how much of a revamp it needed. We had intended to wallpaper the walls but now Joe has filled in some holes and given then a good sand they look okay, okay enough too paint anyhow.

In progress..

I'll keep you updated. Now I'm off to watch NZ's got Talent and see if we actually do have any! I'm not a fan of Rachel Hunter, she's one of the judges, how come they have people with no talent judging those that me, I may not get past watching the first show.
That thunder is rumbling around like a good'un, fingers crossed it doesn't blow up me telly

See ya next time with photos of the wedding



  1. I love the fact that I while you folks are coming into spring,we are going into fall. Our leaves are just starting to change color here,and you are getting your blossoms:)

    We here in New Hampshire got the tail end of the hurricane yesterday,but all it was a rainstorm in our area with a bit of wind.I feel so sorry for the folks in the southeast who are flooded out.

    Can't wait to see how the bedroom looks!

  2. Who are you and what do I have to remember???

    Trust the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to be at your neighbors place!!


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