Monday, September 10, 2012

Sydney -Pt 3, Sat 18th August '12...The Wedding

The wedding was held at Blues Point reserve, it was a little chilly due to the cold wind but Keith, my cousin (on the right) was soon warmed by a wee tipple courtesy of the best man..

Me and my cuz Keith

 We scrubbed up alright!

 I have to mention that before Lisa arrived the photographer was taking lots of photos then he said to me 
"Come on Mum lets have you in now!"
"MUM!!" I replied indignantly.
Keith, Joe and the best man all groaned behind me and I heard someone mutter 
"Oh he's done it now!"
Said photographer "Now swims with da fishes" 
I would like to point out that I would be honoured to have someone like Keith as my son but I would have only been 13 giving birth!! Not that that's so unusual these days!

Here comes the bride Lisa, she looked stunning

As Keith's only family member  able to attend, Keith & Lisa had asked me to read a poem they had chosen, called I love you by Roy Croft

Mr & Mrs Gorringe

The reception was held at Rydges Hotel, North Sydney, which is also where we stayed.

Do ya like me cupcakes??

It was such a lovely day and we're so pleased that we were able to share their special day.
Not enough people get married these days which I think is a bit sad.....

There are heaps more photos here on Facebook.....enjoy ♥

Just one more part to go...

Ta ra chucks


  1. Cup Cake!!! You are the queen of Cup Cakes, so glad you shared that photo!! Next wedding will be our boys, not to each other of course, well not that I am aware anyway, but to those twins we have still yet to find!!!

  2. What gorgeous pictures, you steal the show! x

  3. What a lovely spot for a wedding. I love the tops hats,and the bride was looked lovely as well!
    Great cupcake pic ;)


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