Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Suesday...Frock me!

After a blimmin' cold night and a chilly start the day actually turned out rather nice, and although the wind had a cold bite to it it was a welcome change from the rain. I almost got to Sue's really early but I couldn't find my blasted purse and found it in the bag I used last week! I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on!

Today I wore the dress and long cardi I found at Save Mart last week, the bag was from a pre-loved shop in Frankton. My boots were bought new.

First stop today was Look Smart, I've not been there for a while but a 50% off sale was too much to miss, I found this red cardi, I'm beginning to wonder how many red cardis I need, but it was only $3.50

 At Habitat for Humanity - Tray, butter dish & decorative plate

Salvation Army shop in town, shelves (project) and skirt

Hospice shop, we don't go in here too often they are too pricey but I found this very cute bag for $6.

At Save Mart In Frankton I got this cushion, I saw it last week and put it back down, I said to myself if it was still there this week I'd get it, I like the textures, also got  the large bolt of fabric.

After lunch we went the the Salvation Army shop in Grandview and I found some craft supplies; lots of lace, bias binding, cotton, curtain rings for roman blinds and fabric, also the white square frame is for holding quilts etc when quilting or appliqueing. The book is full of old photos of farming history, it's nice to see how real farmers do it!

Before we called it a day we went to the Warehouse, a big store that sells everything and where 'Everyone gets a bargain' I just had to get this and hang  it in the loo! 
If you've got any males in your house you'll appreciate this!

Weight loss this week at Jenny Craig
weekly loss 800gms
total loss 8.3 kgs

See ya next time ♥♥


  1. Well you certainly had some good finds there Sue...I love your pretty frock, you are looking good!

    Well done on your weight loss, I can see a difference, bet it feels great. I know I feel a lot more confident when I lose weight. I am winding myself up to get started again before the heat hits, I want to lose 7-10kgs.

    Off to catch up on your posts now, it has been a while since I popped in here :)


  2. I agree with Tania, your weight loss really shows! Those are some fantastic finds! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the book. We never have good buys like those. I went out today and found a few things a mug & a few books for Isaiah. I'm on a hunt for more woven tablecloths I can cut up for that I wantthem I can't find theblasted things!


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