Thursday, September 27, 2012

Suesday, more tea Vicar?

I'm afraid I'm a day late posting this, I had the photos all loaded on last night but I was so tired that my brain refused to think of any words to type. So I left it and went to bed. I would have done it this morning but I was at craft today and me poor wee brain was focused on curtains for my newly decorated dressing room. I was going to show the room so far, but I'm so close to it being finished that I'm going to make you wait a few more days. There are still some finishing touches left to do on our bedroom too, so hopefully the big reveal isn't too far away.

Back to Suesday, if you thought I was in early last week then you'd fall over if you knew how early I was in yesterday...just after 9am, even herself wasn't ready for me, she still had her face to put on! 

We reckoned we were due a trip to the dump shop and its better to be there early to get the best stuff.

Plate $1, teacup, saucer and tea plate $1.50 china dish $1.50

Top $3.50

Next stop was Frankton, we gave the Red Cross a miss, but at St Vincents I found:

Book $3, cross stitch framed pic $5, sheet $3, wool blanket $3
Assorted embroidered linen, check out the butterfly shaped one!

We whizzed around the corner to Save Mart and I found 
another wool blanket $3.99, cupcake coasters 99c

Next it was time for my weekly weigh in at Jenny Craig, Sue came in with me today and much hilarity was to be had, people wanted to know what we had all been up to in our room, we told 'em we'd had the wine out and we were partaying!

This weeks loss 1.1kgs Total loss so far 9.6kgs
just 400gms to go and I've reached 10kgs (22lbs/1 1/2 stone approx)
Nearly halfway there!

The Salvation Army store is just up the road so that was the next port of call
Jug $1, plate $1, bag $10..pricey but gorgeous!

After Sue's smutty joke telling to the staff (I've promised to tell one next week) and posing in the display window and not one person noticing (I was obviously a very good dummy)  I was gagging for a cuppa so we went into a place across the road where they serve tea in the loveliest of teacups, Sue shouted lunch whilst we were there and very nice it was too, thanks Sue ♥

It was about this time whilst supping that I managed to totally bypass my mouth and got tea everywhere! I know wot yer'd she miss that gob?? Well it was talking 20 to the dozen at the time and obviously I got the timing happens ya know!! Sheesh!

After lunch it was the turn of the SPCA shop in Dinsdale and it produced....
Jug $2, pattern 50c, lace 50c
Dress/top $3

Turn left out of Dinsdale shop car park, turn right into Newcastle Road, take the 3rd left, then right at the roundabout and keep on til morning..(oops sorry Peter Pan moment) and you arrive at Grandview's Salvation army Store, always something to be had here... 
Table $5, Watercolour $9, linen 50c each

Reminds me of the Shambles in York

We finished in Habitat for Humanity and we must have got there too late in the day, I found a pillow case for 50c and I only got it for the pom poms!

This dog was the size of a Hamster...well maybe not quite that small, 
I reckoned he would fit in me handbag 
but his owner didn't look too keen to try!

And here we are in all our gloriarseness!
The only thing bought new that I had on were me boots and undies 
and I figured ya didn't wanna see me undies...

Until next time when who knows what news I'll have for ya! :D
Stay turned, same time, same channel!



  1. Are you kidding? OF COURSE we wanna see yer undies! What a gloriarse day - one day I'm gonna gatecrash Suesday and join in the fun! Congrats on your weight loss to date - half way YAY! And I love that groovy wallpaper in the cafe. Sarah xxx

  2. You do look gloriarse and I'm with Sarah, show us yer knickers! Well done on the weight loss, that's brilliant!
    Loving that stool! x

  3. Yay Sarah wants to come and play, Sarah wants to come and play!!! What a fabulous fun filled day!! Where will she stay?? At the farm in the Hay?? We want you to come do we have to pray?? Unemployed so cannot pay!! Back to decorating the bedroom is it the penis enlarger that you have to put out on display??? See you tomorrow chook!!

  4. You always seem to have good luck on your finds :)
    I disabled the comment verification on my blog,so hopefully it won't pop up any more.

  5. Is it just me or is the first plate with the orange edging quietly saying it wants to come and live with me!? LOVE the side table... love the plates and the watercolour is very interesting. It totally looks like The Shambles. We went to York in the summer and walked up the Shambles in the evening when it was virtually deserted and it is wonderful to see the architecture and wonder at the history. I wonder what the provenance of the watercolour is darrlllinng! I want to come shopping with you too, such treasure to be found on a weekly basis. Have fun with your decorating x

  6. I'm a bit behind on posts obviously - great prices for that Vinnies stuff and the dump shop stuff! Nice to know there's still a bargain to be had!

    Never been to a garage sale?! WTF!!!
    You SHOULD get into it. Major bargains and SO FUN, especially with a buddy - I could TOTALLY see you and Sue out and about with coffees in hand, cackling away... Have you seen Second Hand Wedding? Love it!


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