Friday, September 21, 2012

That friday feeling and getting laid......

That would be the carpets getting laid in the two newly decorated rooms! They are finished but the vacuum cleaner has packed a sad and I can't vacuum them until we, or should I say Joe has fixed it!
These photos were taken before they had been fitted....

My little dressing room

Our bedroom looking out to the spa..

and where our bed will be!

Sorry to be teasin' ya'all but that's how I'm rolling today! :D
More will be don't worry!

I was restless after the carpet fitter had left so I rang Sue and whizzed into town! I'm about to ruin her street cred.....I caught her vacuuming! yes that's right! Vacuuming! You heard it here first!
Sorry no photos I was laying in a swoon on her doorstep! :D

And yep you've probably guessed by now that we squeezed in a bit of Op shopping..

first up...Habitat for Humanity, this has to be my fav shop!

loads fabrics...

wooden magazine rack, 2 magazines, cute bag, as new shoes, 
jug, pumpkin cruet set and snazzy oval bowl

top, the same as the white one I bought on Suesday....

Then we flew up to Save Mart and I found these...



two craft patterns

and that was it! Then I came home!!

 a little something for the weekend....

tata for now! ♥


  1. You forgot to mention I dusted and cleaned the bathroom. I will now go to heaven!!!

  2. Ok, so can I come and live with you Sue? A dressing room!! I am envious... and bedroom overlooking a spa....I have a serious case of the wanties.... love the zebra number and the last pic of vintagey fabric. I think you will need a room just for your fabric stash soon. Enjoy the weekend x

  3. Noooooooo... a craft room too! Where am I going wrong?! My husband has a room just for his bike, but there is no room for a craft room. Yes I would like to have a right ole nosey sometime...

  4. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! As I commented to the other Sue, we will meet up one day for sure... only it clearly can't be on a suesday!

    I am dying about that last bit of fabric-score! Savemart gets a visit from me only when I'm hunting for something specific.. I'm too much of a cheapskate! I liked it there when they used to have a tkt colour that was half price for the week...


  5. Awesome finds! I've not been out op shopping for a while...haveto run to town today so I'll have a look see. We must be hoarders here in the US because I never find such cool things! So, what will you do with all the doilies? I'm saving up hankies to use as a quilt


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