Monday, October 29, 2012

Gawd bless yer Mary Poppins!

This last Saturday, 27th Oct, Joe and I had a night away in Auckland for our 22nd wedding anniversary. The stage show Mary Poppins was on and we managed to get some seats, sadly they were 'up in the stratosphere...' and although we had a great view of the stage we were too far away to see their faces and I like to feel connected to the show and I didn't feel that unfortunately.
However it was nice to be  away, we had loads to drink and eat and the weather was glorious, in fact it was so nice the summer frocks came out...... 

The sun also brings out the classic cars..

 Sky Tower as we pulled of SH1 and made our way into the city centre...

We stayed at the Rydges hotel, the same chain as the one we stayed in in Sydney, we had pretty cools views, this out of one window of the harbour and bridge...

.......and out the other window...Sky Tower!

We left our things in our room and headed down to the Viaduct by the waterfront, this mural was on the wall outside the hotel...
Joe enjoying a Pinot Noir..... enjoying a Pinot Gris

Dress, bag & shoes op shopped, cardi bought new

Before we went to see Mary Poppins we had a meal in the hotel which was devine and of course we had to change for dinner! Dress & cardi op shopped, jewellry bought new.

Joe is a Rodd and Gunn man! :D He's had that jacket a good few years.

I think for our next anniversary we might explore Wellington, Auckland isn't my favourite city and we've been there quite a few times now, I'm ready for a change of scenery...until next year.....


  1. You are looking rather slim there luv!!! Great photos of you swanning about in Dorkland, oopps, I mean Auckland, nah I don't I was right the first time. I don't like it either up there. Give me Wellington any day!!!!

  2. Blimey love, you scrub up well! that black and white maxi looks stunning on you! x

  3. Seems as if you had a nice day even though Auckland isn't your favorite spot. But you two look great - and nearing your 25th anniversary soon enough ☺
    Belated congrats


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