Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday funny - Clever woman

And another week flies past, I seem to have spent the week waiting for people and lost two days out of my week because of it, so missed Suesday and Thursday craft, also Tuesday stiTchWITs is now every other week,. it's now Friday and I'm feeling stir crazy and pissed off, so I'm remedying that today and heading into town for some Sue time. I'll report back later about how that goes, in the meantime I'll share with you the email I received this morning, see ya later ♥

Clever woman

A woman out shopping with her husband spots a pair of boots she loves. The husband says: ?”No chance love, they’re way too expensive”

Later on in bed, the wife is just falling asleep when the husband tries his luck
 and places his hand on her hip.   She turns to him and says. ”I don’t think so, pal.... If you’re not prepared to shoe the horse then you sure as hell aren’t riding it”

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