Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Suesday, JC and a bit of yarn bombing.....

It was a glorious day today for our weekly Suesday, in fact it got rather warm and there was me in boots!! Hope the weather holds then I can ditch the winter clothes and start wearing some of my lovely summer stuff! Before I went for my weigh in at JC we checked out Habitat for humanity and I walked out of there empty handed!! 
Hard to believe I know, I felt quite virtuous and told myself I was going to be restrained all day. 
It didn't last of course in the Red Cross (in town) I bought some very cool bottle openers for Michael, they only came to $6 for six off them, so I was still feeling pretty smug!

Next we checked out the Salvation army, and things started going downhill where I found these rather gorgeous cross stitch pictures and an old map of Essex, a county in the UK where my dad is from...
I would like to point out that I put back three items of clothing to get them, my halo was only slightly tarnished!

 It was then time for me to have my weekly weigh in at Jenny Craig, 200gms this week and 500gms last week bring my total loss to 11.2kgs. I was measured last week too and overall I've lost 73cms!
I have to say I am really beginning to notice it with some of my clothes, I've cleared out quite a few things that were just too big! That's the beauty of only paying a few $'s for something, get some wear out of it then gift it back to the op shops or pass on to someone else. 

Sue recently posted about some yarn bombing she had seen in one of the local parks, you can read her post here. I wanted to go see it too, so as it was only a few minutes from JC that came next
Here are the photos...there's a few..enjoy..


I spotted some poppies around the Spitfire plane and as I got closer I realised they were all knitted and crocheted!


After not finding a thing in Hamilton East we grabbed a bite for lunch and then whizzed to Five Crossroads and had a look see what the Sallies and the Red + had. Again not a lot on offer I was beginning to feel all virtuous again.. :D
Bought a bag of fibre fill, Sue kept telling me to get stuffed, she's so not funny! :D

....some flower thingies $8

..and a quilt pattern for $1...

Time then to head back to Frankton and I came away empty handed again, so thought perhaps the dump shop would be better, it was marginally, found this thing..$7.....thought it might look good decoupaged and a with a trailing plant sticking out the top..
also found a little ironing board which will be lot better for pressing seams on smaller quilting projects

..and finally our last stop of the day was the Sallies in Grandview where I nearly came away empty handed again but this gorgeous wee brooch caught my eye and for $3 couldn't be left behind...
and upon closer inspection when I got it home it can also be worn as a pendant necklace and it's got some kind of clip on the back, no idea what that does!

....and that's it! Hope you all managed to get to the end without nodding off! But it was a fun packed day filled with colour and sunshine, how could I not share all that?

That's all folks!



  1. I nearly got my leg over in the park!!! Awesome day and not one sheet, doilie or tea towel was bought, so well done you!!!!
    PS: Interview on Friday, I am loved!!

  2. Great photos Sue and good finds too!

    Thanks for the little tour, things are looking very pretty over your way :)

    Oh and Congratulations on the weight loss, bet you are feeling great! I really need to get my act into gear and shed some too!


  3. Gorgeous photos! I'm so jealous of your sunshine and fabulous scenery! Amazing weightloss, you are looking hot, lady! x

  4. You are looking FANTASTIC! Wow 73cms - that's 3/4 of a metre! You must feel amazing. Congrats!

    Great photos of you 2 today. this weather makes people feel very frisky I think!

    I love that map of essex..amazing what you find in the middle of nz in a little ole op shop!!

  5. Congrats on your JC success so far - you look fabularse! The crochet tree has me MAD with envy!!! Sarah xxx


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