Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Grand Opening wth VIP guests and everything!

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen it is with great honour that I invite you to the Grand Opening of 'The Dressing Room' (Oversized walk in wardrobe to the poor folk). I know that many of you have been waiting with bated breath for the big reveal. I apologise to any of you that have been inconvenienced in any way. The Right Honourable Sue was invited to cut the ribbon and some VIPs were also in attendance. The lovely Dawn was also present as sTitchWITS was on today also, as you can see a very full social calendar for me today.
Whilst waiting for the Right Honourable Sue we mingled with the VIPs who had come to be part of this auspicious occasion, I shall introduce them to you now....

Firstly we have Madge, a no nonsense kind of woman that is happy to clean every crevice, if where she put her feather duster is anything to go by! I'm still spitting feathers!

Our overseas visitor Heidi was very excited to be part of such a grand event....

And lastly and by no means least to add some glamour to the preceedings the sumptious Saffron was able to fit us into her very hectic schedule, the paparazzi outside were making such a commotion!

Sadly all these lovely ladies had to leave before Sue arrived, Madge had a posh dunny to go and clean, Heidi went and skipped naked in the fields with the goats and Saffron made her escape out the back way to avoid the paparazzi and their pressing questions about rumours of her alleged affair with an 18 yr old rugby player and a stick of celery. I couldn't possibly comment!

Sue arrived shortly afterwards and the room was officially opened with the assistance of the lovely Dawn, who I think was at this point wondering what she had got involved in...

We live on a farm so we use farm implements okay!!

Now for the very cool part!

Cushions and curtains handmade

 Top picture, my first ever cross-stitch

Bust made by me on a clay sculpture course

Canvas pic frame found at the dump shop and covered by me with some cool fabric.

If you are of a delicate disposition, look away now! ;-D

I didn't own a bag before I met Sue! 


So are ya jealous much?? 

PS I had to wait until it got dark outside before I could take these photos..

tie back from dragonfly beads

Patchwork curtains made from op shopped vintage sheets..

My first attempt at a Dutch pleat top..

I even added a bit of lace on the hem..


  1. Farking grand time too!!!!! Poor Dawn, will she ever get over meeting me and my friends?? Yes I have introduced you to the love of bags and many other things. One always needs accessories and plenty of them. Lets hear a big old "HELL YEAH"!!!

  2. What a gorgeous room! I'm totally loving the colour of the walls and you did a grand job on the curtains! How many handbags???? xxx

  3. What a nice room! Great job :) I would love to have a room just for wardrobe items. Lucky lady!!

  4. How impossibly glamOURous!!!
    It's frigging brillant,all that space to frolic in,special guests and all (when they can be bothered staying!)Adore the curtains and the tidyness!How long will that last?!
    I've always been handbag mad.....a gal can never have too many!
    I hope you lot overindulged on the celebratory bubbles and had a wild time fiddling in yer underwear drawer!


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