Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday funny...Global warming

Okay I am back, computer didn't have anything majorly wrong with it, the extra RAM added when we purchased the computer was faulty, it was explained to me in more detail that, but I had glazed over by then and began gagging for a double gin! Old vodem stick is providing the internet just now, new internet coming tomorrow, if all goes well and the guy doesn't end up blowing off the roof and ends up found clinging to an bit of driftwood in the Pacific ocean! I have to admit to wandering past the office this week and thinking how empty it was without me pootah! So until I am back in Blogland with faster (hopefully) internet tomorrow I will leave you with this...


  1. 2012?? what are we wearing now?? NOTHING??? god forbid!!! Welcome back slapper!!!

  2. AAAAAaaaaccckkkkkkkKK!!! ROMs and RAMs and GIGGLEBITES - doesn't it make you faint from boredom!? Sarah xxx


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