Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day tripper......Taupo

Yesterday Joe had to meet someone in Taupo, which is central North Island and just under 2 hours away from us. It took a bit longer as there were ruddy roadworks everywhere! Joe did what he had to do whilst Cedric and I had a wander around the shops, I even managed to find a couple of op shops! Cedric was overjoyed to be dragged around by me. Sadly we never got to the last 2 as Joe rang me on my mobile to say he was done. We met up and had some lunch then drove to Huka Falls, which is where the Waikato River begins and it's just a stunning colour. By the time it gets to where we are in the Waikato it's cow poo coloured, not a good look. :(

Just a bit further way is Mt Ruapehu, the ski mountain part of the Tongariro National Park.
Mt Ngauruhoe is an active volcano and has been rather restless of late, we could see some wispy cloud coming out of the top. Below are some photos of our day, the one's of Ruapehu aren't that great, I really do need a decent zoom lens. It was a glorious day and it was nice to have a day of rest before we started painting the top house....enjoy ♥

Will try and post some pics tomorrow of the top house and the progress we are making. Right now I'm kerknackered and ready to put my feet up for the night. 
See ya soon ♥


  1. Nice day out!! So what did you get from the Op shops then????

  2. New Zealand is a place I would love to go and see one day, it is such a beautiful place...I had better add it to my bucket list :)

    Thank you for the photos, I see it was a lovely sunshiny day for you :)


  3. Arghhh! look at that stunning blue sky! I wish I was there! x

  4. I've been though Taupo ONCE!!! Years ago....shame on me. It looks lovely, and your pix are bright and fabularse!

  5. What a lovely place!


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