Saturday, November 10, 2012

They say things happen in threes..............

...well that's certainly how it's been this week!. Joe's currently working 12 hrs x 6 days a week on a maintenance shut at Huntly power station where he works.
1) Half way through all was going extremely well..until this week where everything started to go tits up and rapidly started going backwards, Joe was not a happy bunny.
2) Then we get a call from Air New Zealand telling us that our flights all booked to the UK next year have to be changed, we were meant to be flying via Hong Kong to London, but Air NZ won't be doing those flight as of March next year, we would have had to changed planes and done the 2nd half with Cathay Pacific! We didn't want the change so we're now going via LA, same days etc just different times.
3) Yesterday I was all set to head into town and meet up with Sue for Frock up Friday and couldn't find my purse (wallet to those of you who don't talk proper!) I'd left it the day before in Save Marts changing room and of course no-one had handed it had they! Grrr! My own stupid fault however and good ole Sue managed to talk me down after getting myself extremely wound up and angry with myself. Shit you'd be mad if you were all dressed up with no place to go! :D  Cancelled cards, 3 of them @ $15 each to replace! Was able to get cash out at the bank with photo ID and the day out was back on! Had to also get a replacement driver licence at a further cost of $ was a very expensive mistake to make!

Ah well the day was glorious and I have to say we looked rather scrumptious posing in Sue's garden after getting in a couple of hours shopping. 

Entire outfit..op shopped!

Sue is posing with her dog shaped lamp!

If you would like to see Sue.s blog with more here

I have to say that only having cash to play with was rather good for me as I was very restrained! Perhaps I should do that all the time!! haha

Look Smart
5 bangles for $1 (one broke!)

Habitat for Humanity Mags 50c each, shoes $8, quilters hoop $5

A new shop has opened at the Base shopping centre, selling brand named make-up cheap, so we had a look in there and I got a couple of lippys, mascara & eyeliner

At the dreaded Save Mart (no sign of purse in car park )
Apron $2.99, bracelets 99c & $1.99

...and finally to the person who found my purse
 and decided to keep it rather than do the right thing and hand it in........

See ya next time....



  1. My favourite photo is the last one where you are giving the Hawaiian good luck signal. Found you're wallet yet??? Thanks for another good day out missus!!

  2. I lost my purse a few months back - dropped it out of the back door of my car as I was loading groceries and it fell onto the road. I didn't miss it for a few hours then went back-tracking frantically to find it. Anyhoo, by 5.30pm on the Friday, I started ringing banks to cancel my cards. Cancelled 3 then at 6.30pm a lady rang to say she'd found it earlier in the day. I didn't have a phone number in it so she had to wait until she was home from an appointment to find my home number and ring me.
    The dear lady said she had nearly run over the purse as she pulled out of her park so retrieved it. She offered to deliver it to me as she was about to head out for dinner. I quickly wrapped a bottle of wine for her which she was thrilled to receive. I thanked her profusely and she even gave me a hug! There are some nice people out there! Sorry you never got your back. Grrrr!

  3. Oh, I can tell you quite a lot about things happening in threes!!!
    DH lost his purse three times, though I don't know whether it counts, because that third time he was robbed of it when climbing onto to train in Vienna. He didn't notice till he came to the border of Hungary where he had to show his passport. Guess who had to sort all things out for him from afar..... :-(( Though I have to thankful that it didn't happen when he was in Nepal, South Africa, Argentina, Namibia, Kenya, Tansania, ... or elsewhere where he does his travelling/climbing. (I stay at home waiting for a call for help... *hehehe* No, it's not my kind of a holiday. )

    So be careful in the future, Sue. Twice losing your purse is still waiting for you ☻ ☻ ☻

    But nevertheless I feel deeply sorry fot all those losing their purse. It's so much trouble afterwards.


  4. What a pisser about the purse, hope it turns out to be lost at home rather than some scum bag's got their thieving mitts on it.
    Love that last picture! x

  5. Classic last picture! May bad juju come to those who kept your purse!!


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