Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Joe ♥

It's Joe birthday today, he's 47, I think...yeah pretty sure. I'm hopeless at remembering ages, thing is, why do I need to know how old somebody else is? Does it really matter so much? When you get past a certain age you just think, 'Yup! Managed to make another year! That will do me!" One's with a '0' on the end are worth celebrating, any excuse for a party, but in the end I would be quite happy to just let them pass on by. I think it's important to make the most of everyday not just one day a year. Next year I will be 50, I was hoping to run away(or float away!) on a cruise for that, but that's not happening day, maybe our 25th wedding anniversary in 3 years time perhaps. Michael turns 21 in June next year, so we'll celebrate his coming of age then. Big do in the barn I've been told!
Anyway back to Joe, it's his day today and last night we had bit of a do here last night. We like to have friends around as it's a good excuse to see everyone before Christmas. We don't see our friends as often as we should so it's always good to catch up.
I'll share just a few of the photos taken last night and then give the link to the album on Facebook....

Click here to see the rest...


  1. It was a lovely evening too!! Cannot wait for your 50th next year!! So much to do before then, so much to get, so much fun to be had!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Joe, you big spunk! Your place is so gorgeous - and ENORMOUS!!! You look beautiful in that lovely maxi, Sue. Sarah xxx

  3. Though the day is already over by now, a happy birthday from me to Joe.
    Great to see that you had a wonderful day.

  4. Happy Birthday, Joe! What a fab party and you look gorgeous! x


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