Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joe said we had tree fellers comin'.....

there was clearly only two! 
Remember to click on the photos to make them larger. This is as big as I can get them with PicMonkey and to go any larger with Blogger I lose half of the picture down the side.
 Even with  a man down (lol) ;D they didn't take long to down about 9 trees (I think), some were pines up by the rental house, which drop pine needles and block guttering. Joe also wanted some gum trees taken down at the front of the property. All this will be our wood for burning in the winter.
I'll show you some before and after photos...

Rental house
 Road leading to rental..

Looking back down the road, house can be seen much better now
 View of the sleep out and beyond
 Behind the house, the road is below this bank

The view has improved 100%

Down by our driveway entrance gums came down

Joe is still out there trying to clear the road, luckily there is one one neighbour behind us so at least we're not blocking any traffic!

To finish off I thought you might like a little tour of our drive, it's had a tidy up this week, weeds cut back and others sprayed, along the top of a wall that runs along the drive, Joe had cleared the weeds, weed matting put down and small grey pebbles laid on top, it not looks so much nicer as you come down towards the house. There is still a section to go but at least the grass has been cut down ready to dig out and it can then be made to look like the rest...any way enjoy.....

Oh and I bet you didn't know we had two headed goats!!


  1. Did you get to yell "Tiiiiiiimmmmmmmmbeeerrrrr" when the trees fell over?????

  2. Huge trees and masses of them! x


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