Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I got out to play on Suesday!

After 2 very long weeks I escaped to go wild in the city! It's seemed like an age since the last time I was in, got around most of the usual shops, I found some goodies and some shops I walked out empty handed, but that's the way it goes sometimes.
Quality, not quantity... haul as follows.....(click on the photos to make them larger)

Look Smart, as new shoes $7

Habitat for Humanity (the staff heard I was coming and ran.....gasp!) 
Denim jacket $7.50, t-shirt $5, also got a couple of small bottles Aveeno hand cream for $1 each)

Salvation Army in town
Dress $7, top $7, necklaces $2 each, glass for Michael 50

(L-R) Red Cross total $9; Vinnies total $8; Dump shop $2

SPCA Dress $7 (sorry pale pic)

So not a bad haul, but I have a very sore small toe, as I walked into the dump I kicked a kids toy that was on the floor and now I can't move it, may need wine to numb the pain!

'ETA what I wore today..'
Blouse, singlet, shoes and bag all op shopped. 3/4 trousers bought new.

ETA 2..Weight loss this week at Jenny Craig was 800gms
Total loss 13.5 kgs that's 2 stone, 1lb, 9oz

Back soon, apologies to those whose blogs I follow, I have had the quickest of looks but had no time to comment, I hope to be back on the ball real soon.

ta ra chucks!


  1. I missed Suesdays!! Fabulous finds x

  2. Thank god SuesDay is back!!!!!!!!!! I missed them too!! How slim are you looking?? Real slim that's how slim!! You will be bikini ready before you know it!!! Next week, we have a date for next week??????? I can write you a note to get out of doing decorating if you need one!!! ♥♥♥.....

  3. Fab haul and gorgeous outfit! Hope the wine helped ease the injured toe! x


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