Monday, January 28, 2013

We have exorcised partay central, the barn is cleeyah!

After two days,not whole days, half days, the barn is clear!
It's not until everything is out that you realise just how big it is. It's approximately 12mtrs long by 8+ mtrs wide so I reckon it's perfect for a party barn!
I didn't bother with Pic monkey today, it's good for a lot of things but sometimes the photos end up too small and it's hard to get a real perspective on things.

Looking in through the main door, it's a huge sliding door half the width of the barn

Michael came over to help lift two heavy items 
and discuss how to build the bar.

The makings of a bar in the right hand corner, 
placed roughly in it's position
Looking back towards the sliding door and the band area

Side of the barn with the long bench. We're really pleased with our efforts and it's all going to be brushed and washed down then sprayed with bug spray. Once that's done some wall coverings can go up and the bar can be built. Michael is moving back home for a while and so some of the furniture he has will find a place in the barn so it works out rather well.

Some of the stuff we removed from the barn has found a home in the old tractor shed, long since sold

 Most of this is rubbish for burning and the old paint tins to be disposed of safely

The lengths of wood will be re-used and the rest of this will be burned and a couple of old wall cupboards leaning on the right of the old sink cupboard may find their way to an op shop

 More inherited cans of paint an oil all in need of disposing of safely

The two large items  Michael helped Joe lift are not in the garage and will be reused....
....mainly for this little lot here!

After work had ended for the day we all had a drink, the Pimms and Lemonade helped to ease a dusty throat and as we sat and looked at that perfect blue sky life felt good!

And for dinner we had prawns with a salad picked fresh from the garden....
Our first cucumber and red tomatoes, we've have had to wait an age for these it seems

I don't call this blog Living the Good Life for nothing.
Alice said a lovely saying as we ate our home grown food
she called it 'Pride on a plate'
How perfect is that?

♥Have a good week ya'all ♥


  1. Where's my invitation? The barn looks fantastic - it's going to look AMAZING with all of the decorations and you hot chicks glamming up the place! Sarah xxx

  2. What a huge party place, bring it on! x

  3. That is going to be some The space is amazing. What are you going to do with it later? A regular party schedule?

  4. It is gonna be a great place to celebrate you joining the 50 team!!! How many sleeps have we got left??? Exciting or what!! Must get your special present sorted, be scared, be very scared!!!


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