Wednesday, March 06, 2013

50yrs and 1 week.......

Hi all, bet you'd wondered where I'd got too! Don't worry I'm here, I survived the big party which was awesome. We're so lucky to have made such awesome friends here in NZ, they went all out with their costumes and were so very generous with their gifts and plates of food, it made for a very special evening, one I'll never forget. Joe had gone a little bit mad with the food, two platters of Indian food, baskets of quiches, sausages & sandwiches and cupcakes and macaroons, there was loads and it really wasn't necessary for anyone to bring anymore. But the food was divine, the drinks were aplenty and I think everyone had a blast.

It's been pretty busy here the last week or so and I'm desperately trying to catch up, so for now I'll give you the quickest of run downs of the past week, with links to the photos on Facebook. So grab yourselves a cuppa, or something stronger and something to eat and click on the links and enjoy ♥

On Friday we picked up my recently found again friend Anna-Marie from the airport, she had come over from Melbourne for the weekend. We went to college together many years ago when we did our Nursery Nurse training and we hadn't seen each other for 14 years! It was so lovely to see her again, we pretty much carried on from where we left off.

Some of us met up for Saturday Lunch at Hamilton Gardens, we had a wander around first then had a very nice lunch at the cafe.

Later on it was time to party! Here it is the Big one It was such a fantastic night, there was a lot of work and effort went into that evening, Joe worked his socks off getting things organised, Cedric and Alice had also come back to help with setting up and I doubt we could have got to the stage we did without their help. Alice is so very talented, look out for her art work.

The morning after the night before was hangover free for me and Anna, the same can't be said for Joe, you'll have seen the photos so you'll know what a good time he had. lol :D

On Monday Anna and I went to Hamilton Lake for brunch, then squeezed in an Op Shop visit before I drove her to the airport. It's not going to be 14 years before I see her again, I've already told her I intend to be over there for her 50th in May! So I'm looking forward to that :D

Last night our friends and neighbours called in just before dinner, Kath armed with a bottle of wine and Glen with a pile of party photos he'd had developed for me and a USB stick with 100's of more photos of the party! They are fantastic photos and really capture the evening well, they are such generous people. I'll give you a link to those when I've sorted through them.

Promise to be back soon, it's back down to earth with a bump here, there's a ton of washing to do, the house needs vacuuming, the gardens gone feral........


  1. Glad you had a fantastic time and can't wait to see more of the pictures! x

    1. Hi Vix, it was great :D Loads of pics on FB :D


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