Friday, March 01, 2013

The Big 5-ohhhhhhhh

What a week, what a day, so far it's been fantastic, a bit hectic and exhausting but man it has been good with full on celebrating. On Tuesday we sat in the almost completed barn and saw my 40's out with a few drinks. Then on Wednesday I turned 50! It was a brilliant day, I had calls from the UK which was great.
That evening Joe cooked a birthday dinner, prawns with seafood sauce dip for entree, roast chicken and a medley of veg and salad from the garden. Michael was coming over, we asked Sue and TOF and our neighbours Kath & Glen over to join us and help with the last of the decorating, Alice and Cedric were here too. Long story short not a lot of decorating got done, Sue did a bit before we ate. We all got a bit sidetracked however as Sue gave me a rather cool pimped up walking stick and a great sign! Apparently no-one knows where it came from officer!

It was a very special evening

You can see more photos here

Today we have lots to do and later we're picking up  a long lost and recently found again friend up from the airport this afternoon, there may be more drinking in the barn this evening!! And then tomorrow it's the BIG party! Woohoo! I'll be back with photos :D

See ya ♥


  1. LOve that sign, what a brilliant gift! Have a wonderful birthday party and take loads of pictures, if you're not too drunk! x

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Fun to come!

  3. Anonymous9:54 am

    happy happy birthday to you, the other sue and a grand welcome to the five-oohhhhs. have a fantastic night tomorrow - look forward to the photos. these ones were great!

    1. Hello you! Good to see you here! Thank you, and I think you won't be disappointed on the photo front :D

  4. Anonymous11:13 am

    Happy, happy, happy birthday x x x x x

  5. The barn will have to be renamed you know, as it is no longer a barn!! See you tomorrow in my bikini!!

  6. Happy birthday Sue... so happy to hear you are having a wonderful time and look forward to seeing your big party photos x

  7. Sorry that I missed the bus...happy birthday, baby!

  8. It looks like you had a fab birthday!!! Happy 50!


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