Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday presents......

There won't be much by way of explanation on this post the internet is shocking at the moment, so I hope the photos give you an idea of the lovely presents I received.
The last ones are of what Sue gave me in the 'lovely' granny trolley filled with a whole manner of goodies and helpful information.
I was hoping to show some other goings on but it might just be this for today!

We are away this weekend so what ever you choose to do, have a good'un!


  1. Blimey, you were spoilt! x

  2. Though I'm a little bit late in congratulating, but a very very after-birthday-celebrating from me. You have just finished your first half of your life and I'm welcoming you to our under-hundreds-club :-D

    1. Oh heck! Now I'm depressed!!! lmao! Under 100! But then thinking about I've always been under 100! :D Do I get a badge!

  3. Of course you will...
    .... but you have to design it for yourself hehehehahaha :-D


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