Saturday, March 23, 2013

Recent op shop finds as I try to catch up with it all..

Right straight into it, no messing about as you know the drill by now, I'll show you mine if you show me yours! I thought I had been quite restrained recently, but now I'm not so sure :D

L-R clockwise, tic tac toe shots drinking game, tray and preserving jar lids, chairs from the dump $7 each, folding wooden chair $6 from the dump, embroidered tray cloths/doilies, set of 3 cross stitch hens, Joe in a crocheted hat with Waikato draught beer can cut outs
(Joe was not found at the dump, I have however tried to leave him there on occasions!)

Two sheer scarves with lovely embellishments that cried out cushions! 
(I know I'm a bit odd like that!)

Lovely cape thing(cos I'm a Superhero), assorted cottons & threads, some cute boxes, missing their handles but great for storage in my craft room

I was using Pic Monkey last night to make these photo collages and I was getting so frustrated using it that I gave up, so there are just individual photos from now on. Life's too short to be faffing around on things that get on yer tits! I'm sure you don't need an explanation for each photo which is just as well, because I can't remember where I got half of it or what it cost. (It's me age ya know!)
Lowest price probably 50c, highest was $15 for the green Kumpfs, but they are expensive shoes to buy new and they looked hardly worn.

I think that's it...almost. There's probably more that I've missed but they're bound to make an appearance at some point. I still have to share my birthday present pics yet. Soooon!

Later today I'm off to watch Michael play his first game of rugby this season.

Have a great weekend to all my regular readers and to all the new followers, welcome ♥
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Bye for now


  1. Particularly entranced with those green chairs. Beauty. Good shoppin.

  2. Wooooohooooo!! You finally opened all the bags from our escapades around the op shops!! Hope the first game of ruggers was injury free!

  3. That fringed poncho thingy looks rather fantastic! x


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