Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crafty weekend in the barn

I am so far behind with blog posts it's not funny. I will attempt to try and get up to date over the next week, although I'm not holding out much hope. Is it just me or is time just flying by? It's the 21st of March already, how did that happen?

Anyhoo this past weekend the Thursday craft ladies and I had a full weekend making stuff, mainly quilted blankets. Some of you may remember we had a blanket dyeing day not so long ago and the aim of this weekend was to make something using those dyed pieces. The barn seemed the obvious place to hold it in, although we will complain to the management about the poor lighting!

It looked a little like a sweat shop with all the machines set up.

Ironing  boards at the ready....

My stash of blankets and dyed pieces.....

 Cutting boards.....

Jan's blanket in the planning stage.....

Ngaire checking out my blanket so far.....

At the end of day two....

Ngaire's blanket ready for backing....

Margaret was making other things but did have a play and came up with these......

My blanket, I was exhausted by the end of Sunday....a lot of work went into this... it's ready for embellishing with stitchery and applique which I started today at Craft (again in the barn)

Robyn's(right) blanket.......

 Jan working on another project,

as she had done her blanket......

 At 6pm on the Sunday our other halves came and joined us and we had a pot luck dinner...

A really fabulous creative weekend, with lots of laughs and singing along to the radio!
All rounded off nicely with a few drinks and lovely food.

Time to start planning the next weekend!!


  1. That looks like a wonderful day. I like it that you all had a meal together later. Really nice. X

    1. Hi Frugal in Bucks :D It was a wonderful day. We think they are going to be regular, although winter will upon us soon and there's no heating in the barn..yet :D

  2. I love all the bright colors! How very pretty :)

  3. Those blankets are absolutely stunning, how fabulous to have all that space to play! x

  4. Is that the same space where your birthday party was held? Really? How did you fill it up with your cra... jun... stu... wonderful stash so soon? :)

  5. Yes it is :D I'm gifted, that's all!! bahaha!

  6. Looks like you had a great time, what a lovely idea! Mo (OTG)

  7. What a great idea - looks like you all had fun! Mo (OTG)

  8. That looks like a blissful time in there. You're right the barn is perfect. What fun. I would LOVE to spend a day making stuff.
    I LOVE your one and Jan's one. Amazepants.

  9. Oh some how I missed this post... wish I was there even though I have never made a quilt. It looked like a lot of fun...hope you are enjoying your new decade x


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