Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cocktail hour on a Sunday

Birthday flowers in a jug I found at the dump shop this week

Happy hour two days running I hear you shout!! Hell yeah!! It was the weekend! 
I had a phone call during the hottest part of the day from our friend and neighbour Kath telling me the ruddy goats were heading her way! Bugger! Little sods! Eventually got them back, rearranged some stock so the goats would be contained, then Joe said to Kath, the bar opens at 6pm for Happy hour and cocktails! Well she couldn't say no to that could she!
(NB I know that's wine! She'd had 2 cocktails before that!)

She brought Glen too...

After they went home for their dinner I watered the veggie garden whilst Joe bbq'd something to eat.

One has to look ones best doesn't one!

Here's my man on orange juice and lemonade(he had had some beer don't worry!) somebody has to work to keep me in the lifestyle I have become accustomed to!


  1. Love that jug!!!
    Ha, Kath's expression is very similar to mine......!!!
    Right, good to know what time cocktail hour starts!

    1. I seem to be drawn to jugs, Joe especially likes big ones :D

  2. Hey, you mucky minded pair, I think you'll find that's a ewer! xxx


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