Monday, April 22, 2013

9 years ago today

On the 22nd of April 2004 we landed in New Zealand, the start of a brand new life, we haven't looked back. I had wanted to do a long post with photos reminiscing these past nine years but it would take too long and out of 1000's of photos what which ones would I choose?
So instead I will just acknowledge that we know how hard it was for our families to see us leave but who have always supported our decision. They probably wished we hadn't come at all but we all have to find our own way in life and where ever that road may take us. That road brought us here to a country of breathtaking beauty, where the locals welcome you with open arms and become firm friends, a country where any dream is possible if you reach out and grab it.
If I hadn't read an article in a Sunday newspaper supplement magazine telling the story of how some British families had just uprooted themselves and started a new life here, maybe we would still have been living in the UK. I doubt it somehow, something had to change and change it did.

We can never know what lies ahead of us, all I know is that you never look back,
live every day as if it's your last
and make sure you are Living the Good Life....always


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  1. Hip hip hooooray!!!!

  2. I love to hear how much you celebrate life in NZ. I miss the country so much...if only I could get my husband to uproot himself and move there so I could return!

  3. Happy Anniversary! xxx

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! And, it can be said, without any reservations, that you guys have made a wonderful life together. Thanks for sharing some of it with us.

  5. Alrighty, my comment went kaplooey.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    It is so apparent that you made the right decisions and that you have created the most wonderful of lives. Thank you for sharing some of it with us.

    Hope that was close to the original. :)

  6. Hello from Texas...and what a brave thing to do! I admire that!
    Enjoy your day...

  7. I was surfing next blog on Blogger(avoiding doing the laundry folding and ironing) and your blog popped up. It is lovely and your celebration of your life in NZ is special. I look forward to reading more. Happy Anniversary.


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