Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oakura day 3 - Saturday 20th April

Our last full day started with a walk on the beach then a morning of rain, which was okay, it meant we spent the morning chilling, watching TV and snoozing. 

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Octopus in his garden, under the sea, where'd I'd like to be!

 By early afternoon we were ready to head out for a drive around, luckily the rain had moved on too.
Firstly we drove up to Kerikeri which took about 1hr 15mins, once we got there we realised that we would need to spend a whole day there, so we will do that again when we are next up that way. We did stop and buy some chocolate which is probably the nicest chocolate I've ever tasted! Yummy!

Back in the car and we headed for Waitangi 
which has a great historical significance in New Zealand. 

Then on to a very lovely little seaside town called Paihia where we had some chips and a couple of glasses of wine...well I did! 

We timed getting the ferry across from Opua to Russell just right and drove back to where dinner was waiting for us along with a chilled bottle of wine. After dinner, us girls played a game of dice whilst the boys watched rugby! Yes I know...yawn! :D

We left after breakfast this morning and managed to avoid any of the forecast heavy rainfall until we were about half hour from home, where we were met by torrential rain, some very loud thunder and forked lightening! I read that Raglan, our nearest seaside town and had a possible tornado, not good! The wake of that as it passed nearby possibly was why we came home to a flood in the house. The rain must have poured down the sloping path to the door where the dogs sleep so fast that it wasn't able to run off and so consequently just went under the door! What a flipping mess, electric had shorted out (easily put back on) water everywhere, soon mopped up and carpets soaked (wet parts cut and lifted) just as well the carpets were coming up anyway! 
Ah well, at least we had a fantastic weekend, the homecoming left a lot to be desired though.

Back to reality tomorrow, one house needs a bloody good clean.....sigh!


  1. OH SHIT!!!! Bummer!!! That is a rude homecoming!

    Love all the holiday snaps - looks like a nice wee break.. That seat in Paihia is pretty neat.

    Hope the clean up isn't too bad.. Call the insurance people! They've got huge big drying machines..They might pay for new carpet...

  2. Nothing like soggy carpet when you get home from a blissful break away. At least you have your fabulous photos!!


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