Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A quick op shop report!

Didn't get to the Riding school today, I had to take Clyde to the vets, he keeps doing something to his leg, no idea what it could be but it was sure expensive! Sigh!
After dropping him back at home I whizzed back out again, met up with Sue and squeezed in a few op shops before going to my mates for lunch which was lovely.

I'll be really quick tonight, the weather in playing havoc with my internet and I'm supposed to be getting organised for a few days away and I've done bugger all! So here's the latest finds...

Recipe book holder $3 from the dump shop

for my new cook book found (new) the other day

I've made the tomato soup, so I have recipes and kitchen thingies to share sometime next week

My op shop plop found today, I went out especially to find something to share on a new Facebook page here ...I think it might get wild on that page!
I think he's lovely and will have a useful purpose measuring rainfall, 
cos that's what we dose out 're in the country!
$2.50 from Habitat for Humanity

Olive oil dipping bowls, brand new $4 from the dump

Willie the Waiter beer glass for the bar/Michael

Little grater thigummy wotsit
Some belts/straps...I'm thinking handles for bags...

A top...obviously, youse ain't that fick are ya! From somewhere for summat!
I can't remember I'M 50!! Fer ferks sake!

The other day I managed a quick visit to the new SPCA shop, (bit overpriced) and got this magazine rack for $10, cat was not included!

Then in the Dinsdale SPCA I got the packs of DMC threads for $2 each and the handles were $2 too

Right I really need to go, but I'll be back soon woth recipes and a whole manner of kitcheny wonders and abysmal failures, I'm such and eejit! Have a great weekend we'rr off up North for a few days!

Ta ra chucks


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  1. Loving those colourful belts. That gnome is a perfect addition to the Facebook page - I thought of you when they started it! xxx


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