Thursday, April 18, 2013

At last we start exploring!

It's taken a while, 9 years start exporing this wonderful country we now call home. This weekend we are visiting friends who have a bach (beach house) in Oakura, Northland It's a tiny wee place, blink and you'd miss it, but boy it's beautiful and so quiet, just how we like it.
We set off about 6.30am a bit later than we wanted but it's just how it was...the dogs were keen to get going though........

 The sun coming up ......

We had a 20min hold up going through Auckland due to a fender bender on the highway but once we got past that we were heading over the Auckland bridge to wards Northland. Had to feel sorry for these poor buggers heading south onto Auckland. We  don't see traffic like this often anymore, it was the norm however in the UK, I certainly don't miss that at all!

A couple of minutes and our road ahead looked like this! Gotta luv NZ roads!

The dogs were a bit unsettled until we got this far but after a quick stop at the service station for a pee stop and take away coffee we were on our way again...
"Clyde...Clyde.....wanna play?"

Our destination Oakura

...and on the doorstep...this.....

'Dad! Dad! Shall I save you??"

"Bugger that! That stuff is wet!"

Daniel Craig moment......kinda!

 Ursula Andress moment.....kinda!

You can see more photos here
Off to sleep, night, night ♥♥


  1. loving your blog made me chuckle!!! xx

  2. Your scenery is just spectacular! xxx


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