Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Making an entrance.....

...more welcoming.

We have a rather large front door and entrance, bigger than we are used too, it's a bit grand when you arrive but still I thought that it lacked a certain welcoming feel about it. At the moment there are no curtains as we re-used those ( also the ones from the TV room and lounge) up at the rental house, why buy new for there I thought when I can have new here. Someone came to measure up today and I dare say we shall pass out at the price of them when we hear back.
Anyway I felt we needed some greenery, Joe did question why I would sentence some poor innocent plants to death but I assured him it was the central heating that killed my plants in the UK, not me!

So here are a few photos....

I was given a voucher for More than Pots where I bought the 'pots' (funnily enough) and the two  plants at the back with it, I had to pay more cos who only spends the voucher total!! :D

We had already chosen the fabric for the TV and Lounge room curtains, but was a bit indecisive on a choice for the hallway, it was narrowed down to the three  lower fabrics. Sue and Liz came for lunch today and after some deliberation and a show of hands we went for the middle one, of course the photo doesn't show the true appearance but it gives you some idea. I wanted the same fabric for all of the curtains but not all the same colour, I thought that might be a tall order but after just 20 mins in one shop I found these and they going to be bloody gorgeous. When I've tidied the outside then I'll be back to show you that, but until then I really don't want to share, muddy gumboots, work boots, paint covered Crocs, things still lingering from my 50th and feathers and poop left behind by one of my chooks! It need some beautification.......I'm working on it!

This is me and Liz enjoying a cuppa and taste testing Sue's cake which was rather yummy, good job that woman. Of course we forget to take one of Sue! Oops! You can find her recipe and rather excellent pictorial here

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  1. What a huge front door and marvellous entrance. Don't you get a lot of light? x


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