Friday, May 03, 2013

It's been a while....

since we last had a Suesday, what with one with one thing and another. It seems though that I hadn't missed too much in the shops, they keep sneaking their prices I walked out of half of them empty handed today. I did however find a few things, below are a selection of decorative glass plates/platter/dishes and some ice cream sundae dishes. The larger platter and sundae dish came from the dump the other day, the rest were found today.

 I got an idea for a small and simple project from a rather cool present a friend received for her birthday! And I thought how cool it was and said 'I can do that!' Her gift had a sundae dish upturned as a base and then a rather cool china plate was glued on top, made by one of her friends. 
I've gone for the glass plate look here instead

 The large plate and sundae dish

...and some of the smaller ones

I just need to find the right adhesive to hold them aren't they?

In Save Mart, Frankton I found a couple of tops, I have the one below in red,
I quite like it in this aqua colour too

 At the dump the other day I found this Samsonite toiletry case, hardly used I reckon and for $5
I thought...wot a bargain!


That's it! See ya's laters alligators!


  1. Great idea with the glassware and those tops look fab! Glad to see your still op-shopping for NZ! x

    1. Pretty cool eh! :D I've been a bit slack on the op shop front recently :D


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