Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warm days, gardening and a lovely Mothers day...... what has been happening this past week. 

At the weekend I bought some plants for one part of the garden, the sloping border behind the house now enclosed in the dog pen. Below are the selection of plants I bought, some pansies and violas for winter colour, some grasses and phormiums (cabbage trees). In the top right 3 shrubs for the front door garden which I should have planted today but couldn't be arsed :D

Not the best of photos, it might pay to click on the following pic to enlarge it.  Top two pics before and the bottom two after. Some plants I moved, split and replanted then added the cabbage trees and grasses. It will look better in a few months when it's grown and filled in more.

I had also bought a 'lot' of bulbs which are now planted in the 'thing' which serves no other purpose than to be in the way, so I decided it might look better with some colour! It has four recessed seats which is great for four people who don't want to talk to each other! After the bulbs were put in layer by layer, daffodils, soil, tulips, soil, some other bulbs that sounds like carbunkles topped with more soil and compost. They will hopefully look good in the spring, in the meantime I planted the pansies and violas on top for some almost instant colour......give it a few me...

The planting has taken a few days overall and I got the dog pen border almost finished yesterday. Sunday was a glorious day and we decided (once we crawled out of bed) to get out in the garden and be productive. All was going well until the truck of hay turned up......

I was happily planting when Joe turned up with a cold beer.....for himself (well he had just stacked 50 bales or so) and I asked where mine the barn apparently! And that was the end of any more garden jobs .............. a few ice cold glasses of vodka followed......

...even the animals thought it was siesta time

 I nipped in to powder my nose and came back to Jose napping in my deckchair!

I turfed him out and sent him back to the house to bring snacks.
It obviously was all too much for Tiger!

Sunday was actually Mothers day here in NZ and Michael came over for dinner bearing some gifts..
(sorry terrible photos of him, too much light coming in from the window) 
Joe cooked a rather splendid roast chook dinner.
The chocolates didn't last long....neither did the wine....and half the biscuits have been scoffed too!

It was a very relaxing enjoyable day.

Today has been equally relaxing, I've done bugger all but I need to get off the computer now and go pack a weekend bag for a trip the Aussie tomorrow until Tuesday. My good mate Anna-Marie is having a 50th party at the weekend and as she came all the way over for my 50th back in March,
 it's only right I go over there for hers.
I'm very much looking forward to seeing her again and meet her family.

That's it! See you all in a few days 


  1. Have a good mini break!! Garden is going to pretty marvellous when it is blooming!

  2. Have a fabulous trip! I'm envying you that sun and the chance to grow anything, there was 4inches of snow 10 mile up the road in Shropshire this morning! Love the cat sunbathing. x


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