Saturday, May 25, 2013

And another joins the 50 club! Part one...

For those of you that follow my blog (welcome to the new followers, good to see you ♥) may remember that my friend Anna-Marie came all the way over from Geelong, Victoria in Australia for my 50th birthday celebrations in March. 
We hadn't seen each other in 15 yrs and it has been wonderful to meet up with her again. I said I would be over for her 50th (whether she wanted me to or not! haha)
It was the first time I've flown on my own, gawd it makes yer arms ache! It was a great flight, it stayed in the air and I'm pretty pleased about that and from getting off the plane and walking through into the arrivals hall was less than 10 minutes! Not bad eh?
Now I took a gazillion photos, don't worry I'm not about to put them all on here, but I will put a link to them all on Faceache...opps Arsebook...bugger I mean Facebook!
I will however share some of my favourite photos with a very brief explanation of the day and what we did.....enjoy.........

Thursday 16th May 2013, arrive Melbourne airport

Friday 17th May Tiki tour

The start of the Great Ocean Road, or the end depending on where you start!

Lunch at the Rookery Nook, Wye River

A opportunity not to be missed in Lorne, I found a dragonfly brooch for $3

Sulphur crested cockatoos

Bathing belles

Afternoon tea

Saturday 18th May, party day

Lunch with the girls at Ripples

Anchors a-weigh....

A load of bollards....

Time to partay!
Anna's lovely kids organised the party on Saturday night, they did her proud and it was a lovely evening. She has a wonderful family and great friends, but then Anna is pretty wonderful herself. ♥

A gorgeous and talented family, they give the Von Trapps a run for their money!

And a chat with her parents back in Luton, UK on Skype made for a wonderful evening

Back tomorrow with more photos where we get get up close and personal with a Koala
In the meantime if you can't wait there are more here

That's it! See ya tomorrow ♥

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