Monday, May 27, 2013

Aussie trip May 2013 - part 2

On Sunday, the day after the party Anna took me the
Jirralinga wildlife sanctuary
It was a pretty cool place and some good work being done there.


Sulphur crested cockatoos


Super cute I want one Wombat!



A very rude koala!

Smoochy koala

She had a Joey tucked in her pouch, we saw the little itty butty feet! Very cute

Echidna(click on the next photo to enlarge so you can read about this animal)

After Jirrahlinga we went for coffee at The Dunes Cafe there was a long wall that had such wonderful mosaics, below are a couple of photos of just part of it

The beach, I could never tire of looking at a view like that

More bollards

Monday 20th May - Day trip to Melbourne

We took the train from Geelong and arrived at Melbourne Southern Cross station

We took a stroll down to South bank and when I saw these pampered pooches I had to take a photo

Wandering into the arts centre of Melbourne passing the theatre we noticed there was a Monet exhibition on in the National gallery, I never really appreciated his art until I stood there looking at so many wonderful paintings, I think his garden in Giveny has been added to my bucket list
(I don't really have a bucket list, but my fucket list is a mile long)

A London bus horribly lost!

Not the best of photos, but this reindeer looked like it was made of bubbles

After a sensory overload of art we jumped on a tram that took us over the river and to Bourke St Mall
and found the Babouska shop, oh this place was just beautiful

After lunch at The Quarter Cafe,  Anna took me to Federation Square passing Flinders St Station

St Paul's Cathedral, this place was stunning

Then as we came out of the Cathedral the ACMI building across the road had an exhibition of Hollywood costume! This was fantastic we loved it unfortunately no photos were allowed and the book sold in the shop was very overpriced so I resisted the urge to buy it.

Walking back across the bridge to South Bank

And dinner at The Waterfront

The cocktails were good but we were very disappointed with the Paella, perhaps after our lovely lunch we should have just had a dessert and another cocktail. By this time though we were knackered and still had a train journey back to Geelong!

I like seafood but I have to say I really can't be bloody arsed with crab or lobster still in its shells! What a palaver it is to eat that kind of shellfish and the price they charge for you to get in a mess and firing crab claw missiles at neighbouring tables nearly taking diners eyes out! I suppose though it does have it's entertainment value, never mind it was the company that counted and that was perfect.

And that was it, my trip to Oz, I loved every minute of it and I'll be going back sometime in the not too distant future I hope. I rather fancy doing the 423km journey along the Great Ocean road

That's it, see you next time ♥


  1. You surely had a great time over the ditch, Sue. How I wish I could have been with you...
    Thanks for letting us take part in your trip.

    1. You're welcome, I have to say I'm really starting to get the travel bug :D

  2. What a trip! Nature, culture and art and great food! x

    1. It was great Vix, you really need to come over for Helgastock one year, we'll all come :D


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