Sunday, June 02, 2013

Winter & fantails

Yesterday was the first day of winter (unless you go by the June solstice which will be the 20th) I'll stick with the 1st of June. my theory being the sooner it starts the sooner it's over!

Not too much excitement here lately, Joe had surgery on two rather uncomfortable hernias last week. One femoral and one umbilical, the femoral being the most uncomfortable. We think that he got it when doing the dog pen, he'd shifted a load of very heavy paving slabs and of course there was a lot of heavy wood used building the fence. Then a lot of water skiing at Easter probably just added to it and so he'd been feeling pretty awful since then. Hopefully now though it's all sorted, the big challenge now is to keep him from doing too much. 
He does however seem to have trouble with his back!!
He can't get it out of bed!

This morning the sun came up in a blaze of glory and the old adage 'Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning' hasn't really been applicable today. It's been overcast and a bit chilly to start with but now I see blue sky and sunshine. Winter tends to start well, leading you into a false sense of security and then it can quickly turn to custard.
So I'll take it while it lasts.

I've been clearing the barn of my craft stuff, or 'shit' as Michael referred to it last week. He'll be over later with his girlfriend and friend to ready the barn for his 21st birthday party next Saturday. It's a joint party with his mate and I've no idea how many are coming!

Unloading the car of my 'shit' I was visited by this wee chap/ess
I love these little birds, they are called wagtails. They fly really close to you sometimes it's territorial but mostly they are waiting for you to disturb insects as you walk so they can have a snack.

fantail on flax

fantail on silver fern

Now I should get back to trying to figure out how to get all my craft stuff back into my piddly arsed craft room! Perhaps downsizing wasn't such a good idea!

that's it for now
see ya next time


  1. Wagtail? I always thought they were called Fantails. But they are the cutest little bird to visit the garden. Hope Joe is feeling better, see you at the party!!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about Joe's surgery - but as you wrote he's already recovering. So all the best for him.
    Well, DH here had to go through it, too. There hasn't been a single day since then that I didn't have to stop him from being unreasonable. MEN!!!!

    Now give Michael a happy birthday. Hope he will have much fun on his party - and for you heaps of good nerves.

    Well, downsizing in a crafts room is always the wrong way. Upsizing is what you should call for. Who needs a living-room when that room could be the perfect crafts room :-D


  3. Sorry about Joe's hernias, poor love. Hope he starts feeling better soon. xxx


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