Wednesday, June 05, 2013

These things take time......

...perhaps not 5 years or more but I got around to it's all in the planning ya know!

Our little loo upstairs has never had a curtain in it which meant in the winter that seat got a bit nippy!

It was a horrible day yesterday and I got fed up looking at Joe sleep. 
As I had cleared all my 'shit' out of the barn and returned it to my ridiculously undersized craft room I thought 'I know! I'll make that roman blind for the loo! 
And so I did......

A friend gave me the fabric so that cost nothing, the backing was done with some op shopped calico , the rings and cord were also op shopped. 
The cleat was recycled from stuff accumulated from the house.

Quoit noice innit? 


  1. That looks GREAT!!! You are such a talented girl!!! Gorgeous


  2. Well done! Sweet satisfaction - it's a great feeling aint it! (well it would be, as in my case!!!)

  3. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Lovely fabric :) We have been here since August last year and as yet dont have a curtain or blind in the bathroom, now I don't feel so bad about it lol.


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