Monday, June 24, 2013

A coming of age, Agricultural field days and chit chat..........

My excuse for not posting recently....
I'm hibernating and we'll leave it at that! :D haha

On the 8th of June Michael turned 21 years old!
I can't believe it really, scary how time can pass so fast.
I won't show you 100 of photos, I'll provide some links to the Facebook albums and you can go take a look, there are quite a few so be warned.

Earlier on in the day there was a rugby game....

Sue took this great pic of us all after the game

Links to photos: Party photos here
Epic yard of ale here

 Some photos from the party
The yard of ale, obligatory apparently on your 21st!


Shots (I beat all them young things, too bloody slow the lot of 'em!)

And no 21st is complete without a shot of a different kind....


The following week was the Agricultural Field days 
it's held at Mystery Creek here in Hamilton.
We try to go every year as often there are things are needed for the farm etc. But this year we just went because we could, which was nice as we could just wander at our leisure and enjoy the lovely weather.
We didn't buy much, can't afford to really, we've got a UK trip coming up soon, after you've read this post scroll down a bit you'll see just how far away that trip is.

Just some of the sights
Lovely blue skies and Mount Pirongia in all it's glory, and a traffic jam!

Panoramic view, click on the photo to enlarge

Fencing competition, a horse and another photo best not discussed!

A very colourful truck and Joe checking out some comfy chairs

Other news

Joe is recovering well after a double hernia op last month, he is however extremely frustrated he can't do anything, he likes to keep busy, especially when they is so much to do. 
He caused the damage, we think, building the dog pen Too much lifting, followed by a weekend of water skiing which may not have helped. You don't get hernias quilting or crocheting ya know, but funnily enough Joe doesn't fancy doing those!

Joe busted my camera this week, (not related to the above, although I nearly bust a gut when he told me!) We are looking into getting a new one and upgrading, in the meantime, no camera!!

We are awaiting new curtains for our upstairs rooms, we should be able to pick them up on Friday. I hope so as it's turned flipping cold here, we had a heavy frost this morning. But temperatures rose to about 14c in the day. Can't complain really, they are getting horrendous weather in the South Island.

This coming weekend, as part of Michael's birthday present (he had the party and we helped with his fare to the UK) Joe and I, Michael and his girlfriend are heading to Taupo for the night and then driving a further hour or more to a place called Taihape. It's here that Michael and Natasha will be doing a Bungy jump! Yep you read that right...a bungy jump! Bloody insane!

Anyway, that just about brings me up to date. Hopefully I'll have my new camera before we head off Saturday and I'll had some photos to show you of the upcoming weekend.

Take care and I'll try to get around to your blogs sometime soon

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  1. Looks like it was a great birthday party!
    I hope Joe heals up soon :)


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