Friday, June 28, 2013

A new camera AND new curtains...all in one week!

It's all too much excitement here this week I tell ya! Not only did Joe turn up yesterday with a new camera for me, we got the long awaited phone call that our curtains were ready for pick today. And not a moment too soon, the temperatures are set to drop to -2 tonight. I'm alright Jack I'm snuggled up nice and warm looking at my lovely curtains and Joe's at the rugby freezing his proverbials off watching the Chiefs game. I know where I would rather be!

First I'll show you my lovely new curtains, then a few of the photos taken at Hamilton lake today with the new camera which is a Canon 650D and it came with a 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses.

TV room curtains, a sumptuous brick red

 Lounge curtains, a duck egg blue
 Someone looks too darned comfy !!

Hall curtains

Front door

I also recycled a roman blind from a spare bedroom, made a few adjustments, re-lined it and hung it in the laundry. I had made a door curtain too out of a length of sari but I might have to rethink on that.

Checking out the new camera
Some photos taken at Hamilton lake, I still have to figure out how to compensate for when there is too much light behind the subject, I think I know what setting to use now though, so hoping I'll improve as time goes on. Long term plan is to do a photography course next year.

 You can see some more here in my Faceache album.

Also managed to squeeze in a Suesday this week, I didn't find too much, just as well we're meant to be saving for the UK trip. I did find these......quality, not quantity!

From St Vincents De Paul, shoes $6 and new crocheted blanket $10

Fabric $3-99 Save Mart, Frankton

Tomorrow after Michael's rugby, we're off to Taupo for the night then travelling on down to Taihape where he and Natasha will be doing their bungy jump, rather them  than me. I hope to have lots of photos to show you, hopefully I won't faint when they jump, I don't do heights!

that's it for now, see ya ♥


  1. I love love love those curtains. The look gorgeous. Have a great time away.

    1. They are the bees knees eh! :D It made such a difference in the rooms last night too :D Look out for photos of the weekend :D


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