Monday, July 01, 2013

Jumping off bridges for fun!

This past weekend Joe and I took Michael and his girlfriend Natasha to Taihape so they could both do a bungy jump. Michael had mentioned that he really wanted to do one and so as he had his 21st recently I thought I would look into getting him one. I subscribe to GrabOne deals, and as it would happen one came up the next day for half price, so I bought two.
Mokai gravity canyon is just the other side of Taihape which a quite a drive from Hamilton, so we drove down Saturday afternoon and stayed in Taupo for the night and travelled down the last part of the journey Sunday morning. 

Here are a few photos to look at and at the end I'll provide links if you want to see more.

Sunday morning walk along Lake Taupo shores

The view from our motel room

We drive through Tongariro National Park
Our first signs of snow, the first snow I've seen in about 10 years !

Bit blurry, wrong setting :( but kids are always kids where snow is concerned.

The white stuff

This weekend was the opening of the ski season 
Cloud covered the peaks somewhat but there looks like plenty of snow

It iss possible to go for a morning ski, then drive back to Hamilton and go surfing at Raglan all in one day if you set out early enough. Do a few early runs then drive the 3.5hrs back to Raglan and have a late afternoon surf. What a great place to live.

A hour and a half from Taupo is Mokai Gravity Canyon  where the nutters Michael and Natasha were to do there jump of 80 metres. It was bloody high up I can tell you, I don't do heights! So I'm pretty stoked with myself for standing right against the edge of the viewing deck to take photos as they jumped, I must admit to feeling a little giddy as I watched though!
A selection of photos I took, picture heavy sorry.

Brave weren't they? 

After a bite to eat and a warming drink we began the long drive home, but first, a photo shoot at the giant gumboot in Taihape. Why do they have a giant gumboot in Taihape? Because they can!

If you want to share the experience then watch the video! Try not to listen to the swearing!
I defy anyone to do a jump like that and NOT swear lol  :D

That's it, see you soon ♥

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Rick would love to bungee jump,but I am content to keep my feet on the ground :)


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