Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Curtain frenzy.....

Last week we put up our new curtains and boy what a difference they have made, it is so much warmer everywhere now. We've been able to drop the temperature on the heat pumps down a few degrees, it was getting pretty chilly with out them. If you read last weeks post here I showed the roman blind I made for the laundry. I mentioned then that the door curtain I'd made from a rather gorgeous sari just wasn't doing it for me, so I had a rummage in my stash and found some more of the same fabric as the blind. However it came in pieces, large pieces but not large enough without a couple of joins. No worries it's only for the laundry door after all, the band along the top has the stripe going vertical, just because that's how the pieces were. I actually quite like it like that, it's also got thermal backing which I had forgotten I had! It was made and hung all in a morning and that includes Joe putting up the curtain rail. And true to form it wasn't straight forward, it never is here. How can there not be any lintel above the door frame! Ya know if I ever see the previous owner I might just poke her in the eye! Anyway it's up and here it is.......

There are so many curtains in this house now that it takes an age to close them all!
And guess what? I ain't finished yet, there are still more windows and doors to go! 

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  1. Do you take a map, torch and cellphone in case you get lost when you venture off to close all those curtains??


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